Mindful Travel in Ladakh     2015

In the high altitude desert of the Tibetan Plateau Ladakhi people have carved a living from the mountains for a thousand years. Tourism in the region was first introduced in 1974 and while bringing economic development, the influx of travelers also places severe pressure on the ecology, local food systems, and traditions of Ladakh. Local Futures, an international non-profit founded in Ladakh, promotes travel guidelines so tourists can have a positive impact and mindful relationship with Ladakh's traditional culture and fragile environment.

Learn more about Local Futures Mindful Travel and Tourist Education Program. Daily screenings and discussion held in Leh, Ladakh during summer.

Produced by Local Futures. Directed & edited by Wilder Nicholson.

Making Raw Milk Cheese 2016

Spring Day Creamery follows a delicate and time intensive process to make raw milk cheese. Sarah Spring shares how her methods and other factors, including weather, location, and the particular diet of cows, give each batch a unique flavor. Film originally screened at the 2016 Place/Space Art Exhibit at Fort Andross hosted by Bowdoin College.

Geothermal: a green energy solution?     2015

Geothermal energy can serve as an alternative to fossil fuels, but the 'green' energy source is not without complications. Scientists and non-profits in Iceland are finding health risks from air pollution, environmental degradation, seismic activity, and exhaustion of the resource. In 2015 an environmental non-profit, Landvernd, advocates for a halt to geothermal energy until the negative impacts are addressed.

Funded by the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Scholarship of Bowdoin College.

The Master Plan: a Solution to Deforestation or a Strategy to Evict the Poor?      2014

Thailand's National Council for Peace and Order released a new land management policy called the Master Plan in the summer of 2014, with the ambitious goal of reaching 40% forest cover in Thailand within 10 years. The military junta began a widespread campaign of targeting forest communities and forcing villagers off of land that they've called home for decades. Villagers face forced evictions, arrests, and destruction of property and their livelihoods.

The Isaan Land Rights Study Group, an NGO in Northeast Thailand, fights for land rights and community managed forest policy. As part of the NGO's outreach, this documentary informs impacted Thai citizens with ways to mobilize and navigate new land policy. The film premiered at Khon Kaen's 2014 Human Rights Festival, though the majority of the content was censored by the military junta. Prachatai, a national news source, and a regional paper, Isaan Record, published the full length uncensored film with a companion article written by Paul Sullivan and Wilder Nicholson.

Produced by the Isaan Land Rights Study Group. Directed by Wilder Nicholson and Paul Sullivan, as part of an independent project with the CIEE Development and Globalization study abroad program in Thailand.