Short films


Desert Temple - Trailer 2018

Explorations in the deserts of the American Southwest unearth a land of illusions and self-discovery. Trailer for a 20 minute short film and visual album, by musician Noah Fardon.

Echoes of an Engine 2017

Locomotive engines reverberate across a century in an untended forest–vestiges of the Eagle Lake Tramway on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine.

Ladakh Timelapse 2015

Moonscape deserts of Ladakh, India give way to lush river valleys and villages that carve a living in the lap of snow peaked mountains. 

Wonder Wander South East Asia 2015

A journey by boat, train, bike, and two feet through Myanmar and Cambodia. 

360° Presences

Hurricane Island Walk 2017

Hurricane Island: Climb On! 2017

Sunrise Dead Man's Ledge 2017

Camera by Compass Light Productions. Edit by Wilder Nicholson.